Enrollment Categories

Category 1

Urban waste collection and transport


Category 2bis:

Initial producers of non-hazardous waste who collect and transport their own waste

Category 3bis

Suppliers and installers of electric and electronic equipment (EEE)

Category 4

Collection and transport of non-hazardous special waste

Category 5

Collection and transport of hazardous waste

Category 6

Cross-border transport companies managing waste

Category 7

Logistic operators at train stations, interports, terminal plants, good stations and ports

Category 8

Waste trade and brockerage, without physical possession of the waste

Category 9

Site remediation

Category 10

Remediation of asbestos-contaminated materials

Other Services

  • Technical expertises of trucks which transport waste
  • Technical manager for all the enrollment categories
  • Own-account or third party transport licenses
  • ORSO
  • MUD
  • FIR
  • Registers